This uninterrupted string of successes led the Lido to move from 78 Champs Elysées to 116 bis in 1977. The new cabaret is at the exit of the George V metro station, in the Normandie building, next to the largest cinema of the period.

The venue is a technological feat:

7,500 m² with 6 floors from the stage to the ceiling

a 1,150-seat panoramic theatre designed without columns to ensure perfect visibility: a single, 45-meter-long prestressed concrete beam supports the entire structure.

A giant elevator allows the orchestra section, where 300 guests dine, to sink 80 centimetres into the floor to further improve visibility for the show.

The machinery is unique in the entire world and includes an ice rink, a water screen and a pool.

60 years after its creation, the Lido and its revue remain unrivalled symbols of Paris by night, a place for enchantment and beauty..

It hosts product launches, gala events, awards ceremonies, trophy presentations, dances and more.

With its giant screens, lasers, moving stage and Bluebell Girls show, the Lido can produce anything you can imagine!

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