on 8 December 2003, the audience attended the premiere of the first revue of the 21st century: « Bonheur«  .
Artistic Director Pierre Rambert designed the Revue Bonheur based on a single theme that links the four tableaux.
« I imagined a bird-woman arriving on her cloud of feathers from a shore where happiness does not exist. She will discover it through four different worlds: Women. Paris. India. And the Cinema ».

The Lido called on the greatest costume artists and the biggest names in haute couture, including François Lesage and Lemarie.

Bonheur features a plethora of luxury and special effects, featuring:
23 setss
a 5-metre-tall Indian temple
80,000 litres of water for the pool and the water features
600 costumes
150,000 sequins
500 pairs of custom shoes
150 000 pearls
60 000 crystals for the 600 pieces of stage jewellery
20 000 watts
90 spotlights…

The Revue Bonheur is more than just a show; it will take you on a journey of emotions that catch the light and make dreams shimmer.