Paris Merveilles

A unique tribute to the elegance and treasures of Paris

The exceptional machinery gives life to breathtaking sets. An entire city is transformed before your eyes, blurring the boundaries of space and time. A fantastical journey in which the emblems of the capital are scattered through the various scenes. The upbeat choreographies led by the famous Bluebell Girls and Lido Boys succeed one another at a frenzied pace. The extravagant hats and magnificent costumes are decorated with beautiful feathers and sparkle with a thousand lights. Dare to take a new look at Art Nouveau, stopover at the foot of our famous Iron Lady, admire the fashion shows, and much more. 


Figures section

500 pairs of custom shoes
60 artistes on stage
600 sumptuous costumes
600 jewels
150 000 pearls
500 000 spectators a year
60 000 Swarovski crystals
20 monumental sets
250 000 bottles of champagne a year
1 skating rink

The Designers

The creator and producer Franco Dragone has travelled the world in order to bring together the top talents in international variety.

No fewer than 11 prestigious designers, alongside the Lido’s teams, are behind this original production.


FRANCO DRAGONE Writer and Director

Trained from a very young age at the Comedia Dell’Arte, Franco Dragone left his native country of Italy very early on and his entry into the Compagnie du Campus marked his move to production.

For about ten years, he invested heavily in the company’s activism. The Quebec adventure started in 1982. Spotted by Guy Laliberté, who had just founded the Cirque du Soleil, Franco participated as an author-actor in the company’s first ten shows, some of which are still touring the world with the same level of success, such as Saltimbanco or Ô. At the same time, he participated in the creation of the Archaos Circus Company in France, thus helping to ensure the respectability of what is referred to as “Nouveau Cirque”.

In 2000, he set up home in Louvière. This marked the creation of the Franco Dragone Entertainment Group, the ambition of which is to “create and present the most innovative shows in the world”. Among other things, he was the designer of “The House of Dancing Water” in Macao and “ A New Day” for Celine Dion in  Las Vegas.


Benoît Swan Pouffer Choreographer

Born in Paris, Benoît Swan Pouffer studied dance at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse at Porte de Pantin before continuing his training at the Alvin Ailey Dance School in New York.

In 2005, his work for cinema, television and stage was recognised with the CITT Award in the realm of acrobatic rigging.

He then took over the direction of the sixteen dancers at the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet Company, where he applied his talents as a choreographer until 2013, with his artistic and avant-garde vision bringing a breath of fresh air to the New York scene.

Considered to be one of the greatest talents in the field, he now creates his dazzling choreographies in the legendary setting of the Lido.

JANE SANSBY Ballet Mistress

After arriving in Paris in 1993, Jane Adamik, from England, studied at the “Laine Theatre Arts”.
She danced in a large number of shows, especially in Europe, and also worked as a dance teacher.
Her adventure at the Lido started in 1993 when she was just 22 years old. She started as a Bluebell Girl and later became the head of the dance troupe.

Jane had always been seduced by the glamour of the Bluebell Girls and the magic of cabaret, so it was a dream for her to join the Lido.  
Her wish was granted and she was a Bluebell Girl for 15 years.  

Today, on the strength of her experience, Jane works with the Paris Lido’s performers as the ballet mistress.


Nicolas Vaudelet Costume Designer

Nicolas Vaudelet's career is marked by the great names of international fashion: Dior, Louis Vuitton, Christian Lacroix, Givenchy and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

These prestigious collaborations have allowed him to assert a very personal style, which all his creations reflect today.

A lover of Spanish aestheticism, Nicolas combines modernity and classicism to enhance his materials whilst also continuing to respect them.

He is a designer whose youth and talent make him a trend-setter in the world of fashion.

YVAN CASSAR Music Composer and Music Director

Yvan Cassar has worked with all the greats. In turn as an arranger, a producer and a musical director; he has devoted himself to a wide variety of musical projects.

Between 1994 and 1997 he collaborated with Vangelis on several projects: the opening ceremony of the World Athletics Championships, several discs with José Carreras, Montserrat Caballé, etc.

In 1996, he became the producer and musical director of the performances by Mylene Farmer and Johnny Hallyday. At the same time, he composed music for several feature films and documentaries, participated in numerous film soundtracks and recorded songs from all over the world with many of the most prestigious artists.

It is an enormous pleasure for the Lido to welcome this great man, who has much more than one string to his bow.


SAULE Music Co-Composer and Lyricist

Despite being two metres tall, Saule tends to be noticed more for his high-pitched voice. Baptiste Lalieu (his real name) learned the trade of playwright at the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique in Brussels, an experience which honed his skills in writing songs and his beautifully engineered, realistic short plays.

Two albums later, he came to the attention of two leading names in the world of French music, Dominique A. and Bénabar, with whom he toured.

Spotted by Franco Dragone, he finally returned to the stage and it is a great delight to be able to enjoy him at the Lido.

JEAN RABASSE Set designer

The setting for the Opening Ceremony of the 1992 Olympic Games in Albertville was Jean Rabasse.

He has sown his genius in many areas, from film sets to theatre design for dance, opera and circus productions.

Rewarded in 1996 with the César for Best Production Design for The City of Lost Children, he returned again in 2001 for Vatel. These awards are the culmination of an impressive career in film, ranging from Vidocq to Asterix, and including the very Parisian Faubourg 26 and the unforgettable Delicatessen.


JAY SMITH Creative Director

Jay Smith is the man for live entertainment.

After his studies in Dance and Theatre at Butler University in Indianapolis, he began his career as a choreographer and producer for Walt Disney World.

He remained there for 18 years, arranging shows, parades, special events, arena shows, premieres and televised events from the amusement parks.

With a wealth of international experience in creation and production, in 2010 he joined the Dragone group, of which, today, he is an eminent artistic director.

JAQUE PAQUIN Human Performance and Machinery Designer

For over thirty years, Jaque Paquin has defied gravity: "To learn this trade, you have to practice," he jokes. But he's right: there is no training for a profession like his.

The Quebec-born artist places his imagination and his technical skills at the service of suspension systems: he literally makes artists and sets fly! He was the man behind the magical Spiderman show on Broadway, and he has participated in several Cirque du Soleil performances since 1990.

Continually looking for ways to increase the dramatic power of a scene or a number, Jaque leaves the hallmark of his unique talent on each of his devices and  collaborations.


Patrice Besombes Lighting Designer

Patrice is a lighting specialist, an art he discovered as a profession after theatre studies in Tours.

Inspired by the greatest French lighting engineers, he applies the techniques used in cinema to theatre and dance. In his shows, he uses light to sculpt faces, constantly seeking to transport the image ever further.

He honed his talents at the ceremony of the 50th Cannes Film Festival.

PATRICK NEYS Video Content Designer

After his studies at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion, Patrick Neys launched his career with Franco Dragone, as editor of the video content for "A New Day", the show which Céline Dion performed in Las Vegas. Immediately afterwards, he set off for Britney Spears world tour, then the European tour of "Holiday on Ice".

A brilliant creator of content for live shows, his talents are now being put to work at the Lido, Paris.


STEVE DUBUC Sound Designer

Steve Dubuc started work as a sound engineer in Montreal in 1980. Two years later, he embarked on his first tour with the Powder Blues Band.

Autodidact and adventurous, he travelled to New York in 1987 where he enlisted in the Moscow Circus as chief sound engineer.

Steve Dubuc joined the Cirque du Soleil for the first time in 1994, where he was, in turn, the technical director of Alegria and the technical director of the North American tour for Quidam.

In 1997 Steve Dubuc became the audio project director for “Disneyfest Asia” as well as the Football World Cup in France. In 1999, he brought his support and technical expertise to the Formula 1 World Championships.
He joined the Dragone group in 2012 and integrated the Architecture and Design department of which he is now the director.


OLIVIER SIMOLA Assistant Stage Director & Video Content Designer

A dancer trained at the Conservatoire National in Grenoble, then at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Lyons, Olivier made his debut with many renowned choreographers and directors.

As a member of DCA since 1995, he quickly became one of the pillars of the company, leaving his mark on several of its creations.

He collaborated in the ceremonies for the 50th anniversary of the Cannes Festival.

As a video-maker and choreographer, Olivier Simola has nurtured an inventive approach which revolves around both the singular and collective universe.   

The Artists



The Bluebell Girls are the quintessential embodiment of Paris, famous around the world for their sexy and sophisticated image. The illustrious company, created in 1932 by Margaret Kelly, has set the stage of the Lido ablaze every night since 1948. Surrounded by 12 Lido Boys and impressive stage sets, more than 40 dancers combine charm, elegance and glamour in order to treat you to an inimitable and bewitching performance.  

Each artist is selected meticulously by the Ballet Master on the basis of very strict criteria. Dance techniques, artistic qualities, personality and physical harmony, nothing is left to chance. This precision has largely contributed to the company’s reputation, in particular in terms of the dancer's height, something which is of prime importance. A Bluebell Girl must not measure less than 1.75 m and a Boy 1.83 m.

For almost 70 years, the famous company has continued to reinvent itself by preserving that which constitutes the essence of the Bluebell Girls: excellence, precision and energy regardless of the situation. It is this intensity, to date unequalled in the history of show business and music hall around the world, which ensures the great pleasure of spectators.